How To: Correctly Eat A Chicken Wing

So, I just learned, I’ve been eating chicken wings wrong my whole life. I’m just glad I found this out now. I love chicken wings and since I don’t eat much sugar, chicken wings are my vice. I eat them almost daily. I love them extra hot, extra crispy and covered in blue cheese dressing.

Sure, eating the drumstick part is easy, but what about the flat part? I usually just eat around that part of the wing and toss it aside, knowing there is a lot more meat on the bone. But how do you get to that meat? This fabulous video below tweeted this week by my friend Reg @zaibatsu shows exactly how to do it correctly and effortlessly.

To me, having this information is huge. It’s like an epiphany, and I can’t wait to order my wings this afternoon to try this out. I’m a bit annoyed that I’ve been getting my fingers messier than necessary and leaving so much meat on the bones, but trust me, I’ll enough wings over my lifetime to make it all worthwhile.

Oh, and if you are ever in Atlanta, there is a little hole in the wall that only the locals know about called The Wing Ranch. It’s on Johnson Ferry, right at the split with Ashford Dunwoody. They have the best wings in the city and tons of different flavors to choose from. Those wings taste like a little slice of heaven. Yeah, you’ll be thanking me later.