How To: Develop Super Human Strength In Only 56 Seconds

In 56 seconds from now, you will have the secret to unlock your own super human strength which, according to this video, you will be able to use to impress girls, wow your friends or even win some bets.

Apparently this trick is as old as applesauce itself, but I just learned about it from a tweet sent by @imjustcreative. Rumor has it; you can use a similar technique to rip a phone book in half.

Since I didn’t have any apples at home when I wanted to try this, I improvised with a not-so-ripe peach, and it worked flawlessly.

Now my mind is racing and I’m wondering what other things I can break in half doing this. It kind of makes me want to go karate chop a piece of plywood.

If you try this, let us know how it works for you!