How To: Doodle A Cartoon C-3PO In 12 Simple Steps [Chart]

If you’re a doodler, you probably doodle on scraps of paper, restaurant napkins or the back of receipts when you’re bored. These days, doodling has even gone high tech, and people doodle on their iPhones and iPads. Today I’d like to share another little sketch that you can practice next time you sit down for a doodle session. It’s a little drawing that will make your inner geek smile each time you create it. This is a 12-step simple tutorial for how to draw a cartoon C-3PO.

This C-3PO tutorial was created by Mark Anderson from Andertoons. We’ve featured Mark’s simple drawing tutorials before. You can also learn how to draw a Cartoon Zombie, or if you want to doodle C-3PO’s friend, you can learn how to draw a Cartoon R2-D2.

If you click over to the R2-D2 tutorial, you’ll see that it begins with just a square. Even if you have no drawing experience at all, he makes it so simple that anyone can do it. As you see, the C-3PO tutorial starts out just as simple. You only have to draw 2 upside down U shapes to get it started.

Since today is May 4th, I can’t imagine a better time to doodle a C-3PO. If you have kids at home who are bored and need a project, this could be perfect for them too. As always, whenever I write about anything Star Wars, I get the urge to watch those moves all over again. Even though I’ve watched them dozens of times (or more), they never get old. If you’re going to watch those movies today too, you can whip up a Vader pizza and some Yoda soda to make it even better. You can learn how to make those and more at Star Wars Inspired Party Foods. Good luck!

Draw A C-3PO In 12 Simple Steps


Via: [Design Taxi]