How To: Get A Fake Social Media Girlfriend That Seems Real

Aww, I have no doubt that super-geeks and nerds everywhere will love this! My only question is, why is it that these types of sites are only created for the guys? Hmm… could it because girls would never be this lame? Opps, did I really type that?

A few months ago, we wrote about a new site designed to let men choose their very own virtual wife. I mean, with everyone’s busy schedule these days, who has time for a real wife, right? If you want to save all the hassle, a virtual wife may be for you. You have four wife personalities to choose from (or chose all 4). She even comes complete with daily voicemails. Unfortunately, there aren’t any hot, dreamy virtual husbands. Boo.

Now we’ve learned out about a new site launching soon called Cloud Girlfriend. It will allow you to create your dream girlfriend who will leave sassy, loving messages on your Facebook wall and engage with you on other social media sites. She’s basically the Internet girlfriend you’ve always wanted. The only problem is, don’t try to hook up with her in real life. You might be devastated to come to the realization that she is, after all, just a ghost.

Fake Social Media Girlfriend

Fake Online Facebook Girlfriend

Via: [Presurfer] [AOL News] Image Credit: [mmarcol / Shutterstock] [Ralf Juergen Kraft / Shutterstock]