How To: Hack Your Blender To Make Blending Better

Do you use a blender? I go in and out of blender phases. I’ll usually use mine almost every day for a few weeks; then I’ll put it away and not use it again for six months. If you like to make homemade goodies like peanut butter, smoothies, milkshakes and whipped cream, blenders can be pretty handy.

I want to share a little tip today that will save you a few minutes in the kitchen. Apparently a lot of people, including me, think that scraping things out of the blender with a spatula is tedious. Besides, a lot of the food gets wasted since we can never really get it all out. Maybe this claim is legit, or maybe we’re just lazy, either way, here is something to keep you from having to do that ever again.

Many blenders are compatible with a wide-mouth mason jar. That means, with a little finesse, you can you hack your blender to use an inverted mason jar instead of the regular blender jar. When you are done blending ingredients, just screw the top on the mason jar, and you are good to go. No scraping stuff from one container to another. I bet this would be especially helpful for people who like to make their own fresh juice. (Tip by Gina Komentain & Graphic by Yumi Sakugawa at Wonder How To)

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Use Jar On Kitchen Blender

This shows you how it looks when you do this:
Save Time In Kitchen

Header Image Credit: [Kim Reinick / Shutterstock]