How To: Make an Emergency Beer Cup

I have always loved paper art. Origami is my favorite! Imagine that with just a simple piece of paper you can do so much and really fill your time creating awesome paper art. We, here at Bit Rebels, love paper art, and that’s obvious by the number of articles about it that we have churned out throughout the year.

It is really fun and easy to do, all you need is patience and a lot of imagination. We also love showcasing stuff that we feel may be helpful to our readers. Paper art allows you to recycle and be creative at the same time.

Who would think that paper art could also be a real life saver for beer lovers in general? Okay, you are in a bar and you need to leave right away but you still have a few gulps left. What do you do? Make an emergency beer cup of course! What is so cool about this cup is that it will give you an extra ten minutes to enjoy your beverage without it leaking through the paper. All you need to do is the following:

1. Take a single sheet of printer paper and lay it flat on the table. Use a clean piece of paper, unless you have developed a fondness for the taste of toner, in which case, a printed-on piece of paper may be used.

2. Fold one corner of the paper over to form a triangle.

3. Cut off the rectangle of paper that is on the right, leaving you with a perfectly square piece of paper folded in half along the diagonal.

4. Fold one of the corners up.

5. Fold the opposite corner up.

6. At this point, you will be folding the sides of the cup down. Take one piece of the two flaps and fold it down.

7. Then, fold the other flap down on the other side of the cup. Now, open your cup up and fill it with beer!  

Image Credits: [stavklem / Shutterstock] [See the illustrations on the Steps at How]