How To: Make Fake Vomit (Official NASA Recipe)

I’m feeling a little queasy from writing this article. NASA is in the process of testing some new space garbage bags. Since there is not enough room in a spacecraft to separate wet trash from dry trash, containing odors is a big deal. It’s important to keep the astronauts feeling comfortable, so smelling nasty garbage while in space is not an option.

50% of all astronauts get sick while traveling in space, and that vomit, along with urine and other smelly excrement, will go into these newly designed trash bags. To do the proper testing, these researchers figured out a way to make fake vomit. Apparently this is a recipe that took many people a lot of time to create, and it’s very scientific. :) According to MSNBC, the recipe includes “… cottage cheese, tomato soup, apple juice, soy sauce and frozen mixed vegetables.” In the video below, you’ll see them mix it all up into one gnarly, smelly concoction. Gag.