How To Make The Best Paper Airplane In The World!

When I was a kid, I would sit in a corner and make paper airplanes. I loved how with just one piece of paper and some folding skills, I could make an airplane that could fly. That’s what actually got me hooked on origami. I remember that we would always try to make our own paper airplanes and then challenge each other as to which one was the best and which one flew the highest and the fastest. It was hours and hours of good clean fun.

I thought the simple airplanes were awesome back then, but I can hardly believe that there are so many variations to making that simple toy that I loved playing with as a kid. While I was doing my usual video search, I was surprised to see so many how to make paper airplanes today, and boy, the people in these videos are really into it. It just goes to show what a little creativity can do.

I put together some neat finds below and I hope you like them. Maybe you have created a new design that beats what the makers of these videos would claim is the best paper airplane in the world. Maybe you can even share them with us here!

Fastest Plane