How To: Make The Biggest Bubble

Do you like making bubbles? When my brother was young, I would make bubbles with him to entertain him. We would usually have hours and hours of fun with it. We always wished we could create really big ones. The size of the bubbles really depends on the size of the ring or mold used. I found one that can do just what we wanted. It’s called the Big Bubble Thing.

According to Think Geek, the Big Bubble Thing is the original invention that won the World’s Biggest Bubble award in the 1988 Guinness Book of World Records. It’s a deviously simple device: a fabric loop attached to a wand, but it makes miracles. And by miracles, we mean giant bubbles. And by giant we mean, 30-50 feet long. Blowing bubbles is an awesome outdoor activity for those times you need to kick the geeklings out of the house to get some fresh air and Vitamin D. Ooh, and if you live somewhere really really cold (5 F or lower), you can send us pictures of your ginormous FROZEN bubbles. Now you make ginormous bubbles up to 50 feet long for just $11.99.