How To: Peel A Potato In 10 Seconds

Although we write about a lot of silliness on Bit Rebels, one this is for sure. We definitely provide you with the most random bits of information that you never knew you needed to know. It’s the kind of stuff that after you read about it, you realize you’ve always wanted to know, but you just didn’t know it. Let me explain.

I wrote an article a while back about how to peel an orange all in one piece. After that, I had several people tell me that they’ve always wanted to know how to do that. The same thing happened when Richard wrote about how to open a banana monkey style. And then there was that article about how to open a can with a spoon, which still blows me away.

I could go on and on, but instead, I have another one to share with you today. Have you ever sat at your kitchen table for what feels like forever peeling potatoes? I have. It’s torture. It feels like the biggest time sink ever. I don’t even eat potatoes anymore, and part of the reason why is because I don’t like peeling them. I’m happy to say that now you can officially throw away that dumb potato peeler. Yup, you never have to use it again, and even better… you will be able to peel each one of your potatoes in about ten seconds.

Apparently the average person who peels potatoes on a regular basis spends about a month of his or her life peeling those little suckers. Now you can save that month of your life for other things. Watch this video and feel yourself transform into a potato peeling Jedi. Haven’t you always wanted to know how to do this? You probably have, you just didn’t know it…



Via: [Like Cool] Header Image Credit: [Way To Go Idaho]