How To: Tie a Cherry Stem With Your Tongue

It was a holiday weekend in the States, and I decided to try some new things. I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo, taste tequila and learn how to tie a cherry stem with my tongue. I chickened out and didn’t get a tattoo or try the tequila (they are still on my list), but after several hours and a lot of persistence, I can now tie a perfect knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

For everyone who has also wanted to learn how to do this, I’ve written some instructions to follow below. In no time, you’ll also be a master of this ancient custom.

1. Pick or buy cherries with the longest stems you can find. The longer the stem, the better. I went through 4lbs. of cherries trying to learn this. Pull the stems off the cherries and put them in a bowl. Set the cherries aside for later.

2. Put the cherry stem in your mouth and swish it and swoosh it around so that it gets submissive and moldable. In this step, be careful not to swallow it. I almost did that a few times.

3. Carefully, with your tongue, fold the stem in half. Try to make sure that one side of the stem is longer than the other. Turn the stem in your mouth, if necessary, to put the folded end of the stem facing the back of your mouth.

4. While clenching the folded stem between your teeth, use your tongue to cross the ends. This naturally makes your loop.

5. Don’t let the stem slip out from your teeth. While still biting it down, use your tongue to carefully push the longer end of the stem through the loop. This step took me the longest time to learn. It definitely takes practice to learn how this feels and to get the hang of it.

6. Grab one end of the stem with your fingers and pull it out of your mouth while still clenching down on the other end of the stem. This will tighten your knot.

7. Last but not least, do this as seductively as possible, like what you see in the movies. I never got the hang of this step. I looked like a slobbering geek every time.

I read somewhere on the internet that it is much easier to tie it with your fingers and slip it in your mouth when nobody is looking. Then, move it around as if you are doing it, and then reach up and pull it out. I can see how that might be easier, but that takes all the fun out of it!

My tongue actually hurt after practicing this for so long. I suppose it is a workout for the tongue muscles!

Next time you’re sitting outside around the copper fire pit, give your friends and family a surprise like they were never expecting. Show them how you can tie a cherry stem with your tongue without any trouble at all!

This video below cracks me up. This girl does it much faster than me!