How To: Turn Your Avatar Into A Video

We use an avatar for our social networking sites to allow people to recognize us. Some people use their own photos, while others use a cartooned version. Others even use a picture of a brand that represents them. An example of this would be the logo of their company. Most of the avatars we see are either jpegs or gif files.

What if you prefer to have a video as your avatar? If you want to have a talking video to use on FaceBook, Twitter or even for when you comment on blogs, there is a new application called VanityVid. This application allows you to let your friends get to know you better. A Vanityvid lets your profile pic come alive! Wherever your profile pic shows up (social networks, online communities, blog comments, etc…), people will also be able to see you move around and hear you talking. They will get a better feel for who you are, and what you’re like.

Why should you use the service? According to the developers:

With Vanityvid:

  • Breathe life into your presence online.
  • Make a stronger-than-average impression on visitors to your profiles.
  • Brand yourself with more effective tools.
  • Because sooner or later everyone will have one.
  • It’s absolutely free.