How To: Unlock Your Car With A Shoelace

When I was attending University, my roommates and I often used our driver’s licenses (or any plastic card that size) to open the door to our dorm, and a coat hanger to open our locked cars. I don’t know why, but apparently we couldn’t be bothered with keeping our keys handy back then. As crafty as I still am when it comes to getting into places that are locked, I never knew until I saw this little chart that you can also use a shoelace to get into a locked car.

Keep in mind; in order for this to work, two things have to fall into place. First, you have to have a relatively old car because most new cars don’t have this pull style lock. Secondly, it will only work on days when you have a shoelace handy, which means you’ll have to lock yourself out of your car on a day when you’re rockin your cute sneakers instead of your high heel pumps. Well, that is, unless you start carrying an extra shoelace around in your handbag for emergency use.

If both of those things fall into place, then voila, here’s yet another way to get into a car. Hey, you never know when the time will come that you’ll remember reading this, and it will save your day. If you want to learn another fun shoelace trick, check out How To: Tie Your Shoes Really Fast.

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Emergency Use For a Shoelace

Via: [WonderHowTo]