How To: Win A Water Balloon Fight!

When I was a kid, there were no computer games, so we were always outside playing. I think the only time you would catch us indoors was when it was cartoon time, or if it was raining. We would always call our playmates and play a number of outdoor games like soccer, hide-and-seek, hop scotch, Chinese garter and, of course, we had our famous water balloon fights!

Water balloon fights are fun especially during summer months. We would gather a bunch of balloons, fill them up with water, and away we went. The only drawback was when we ran out of ammunition. We would need to go home again and fill up as many balloons as we could. There were times when we were asked to stop because of the amount of time it took to fill them up with water. My parents were afraid we would catch a cold. Luckily for the kids now, there is the awesome Pumponator!! It allows you to easily fill balloons in a matter of minutes, with no need to go back and forth to a faucet or a hose. The device was invented by a 4th grader named Lexi. Kids nowadays are so smart!