How To View Private Instagram Profiles In A Easy Way

Instagram is known for its security standards as far as any virtual accessibility is concerned. They have a very advanced algorithm and finding a breach in it is nearly impossible if you are a layman. People usually refer to hackers or coding experts when they really want to dig into Instagram profiles that are thoroughly private. But these are usually very expensive, and not very trustworthy.

However, there are certain methods that have become really famous in the past few years. Some of these are tried and tested, some of these still require proper research. Whatever the case is, we have laid it all down in front of you.

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1. Make A Fake Account

If you have been thinking about following your competition on Instagram, then we are sure this idea has come to your mind. It’s very natural to want to know how your rival instagrammer is getting all the followers. Is it organic? Or do they buy Instagram followers? All your queries can be easily solved if you simply make a fake account that appears as genuine as is possible.

This means that you have to make sure this fake account has some activity. It should have a profile picture, a good bio, a decent amount of posts- if possible of actual human beings that do not include you. However, you really need to have a good number of followers count to appear authentic. You can always make use of some of these best places to buy Instagram followers for your fake account… This is by far the easiest way to get access to someone’s private account.

2. Ask Someone Else On Your Behalf

Now, no matter how much effort you put into creating a fake profile, high chances are that people will eventually figure out that you are pretending virtually. Therefore, we highly recommend that people who want to view a private account befriend someone close to the ‘target’ person’s account. If you can really earn their trust enough, you might just get access to their phone one day. That’s it- you will be able to have a great look at what’s going on in the private profile.

At the same time, it can be difficult to gain the trust of someone already close to the account holder. Instead, you can get in touch with your own trustworthy acquaintance and request that they send a follow request to the private account. Since this account will actually be real- the chances of your competition accepting the request are even more.

3. Try A Third Party

Now, we are a little dicey on this one. Mostly this is because we haven’t come across a private Instagram viewer app or a tool that has skills enough to hack into Instagram with minor details. On the other hand, there are certain discrete organizations that can work for you and give you access to a private account. Also, there are apps like Instalooker, Gwaa, InstaGrab, etc.- that can give you a look at the private account. The best part about these sites is that you always remain anonymous and there is hardly any chance of you ever being found out.

4. Make The Most Of Google Search

You can also get a look at Instagram photos if you run a search on the target person in Google. You simply have to copy paste their user ID on the search bar and hit enter. Google always has digital footprints of a person. Even if the profile you are looking at is private, you might still find relevant data in Google Image Search. They might even show you some old posts of the profile at the time it might not have been exclusively private.

5. Use Someone Else’s Identity

Now, if you are unable to get a friend to give you information on the private account- you can always create a doppelganger account instead! All you have to do is use the profile picture of someone your target trusts, and pretend to be them on Instagram. Of course, in order to appear authentic you might have to know about the best site to buy Instagram auto likes and really imitate the style and personality of the identity you have chosen.


Instagram is nothing less than a battlefield currently. However, there are very few people who are armed with the right weapons to handle its virtual situation. The article above gives you a brief idea of how you can view someone’s private account anonymously and effectively. We have also mentioned the best sites to buy Instagram followers, if you want to make a real looking fake account.  We really hope you succeed in what you’re doing.

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