Hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes Create Colorful Pixel Art

I’ve got a very serious question for you. Which would be easier – solving a Rubik’s cube or creating this Rubik’s cube artwork? Hmmm… Now that is something to think about next time I get two sides finished and then get stumped on the rest.

Actually, if you look closely at this Rubik’s cube pixel art, you’ll see that the Rubik’s cubes had to be solved on one side in order to create the color scheme for each of these designs. For some reason, this looks very mathematical to me.

I really don’t know who the heck could even attempt this, I mean, who has hundreds of Rubik’s cubes lying around their house, right? Maybe you’d have to buy Rubik’s cubes in bulk if you were going to do this. The thing that is strange about sharing this artwork with you is that when you see these up close, you can’t tell what they are, so the pictures have to be small and far away. It’s like a billboard, if you stand up close to it, you can’t tell what it says.

“The Space Invader” artists that created these have some serious talent and time on their hands. I can only imagine how time consuming it would be to first solve the cubes to get the colors you need, then put this together. The way each pixel is positioned just right is incredible. They get an A+ from me for sure! You can check out their website here.

[via CMYBacon]