I’m A Lumberjack: A Pillow That’s Really Ok

You know you’re ok. Your friends know you’re ok. But does the world know? Shout it to the world, baby. You’re a lumberjack and you’re ok, whether or not you like to press wild flowers.

As is the wont of British folk, with their pantomimes and long Shakespearean history of theatrical cross-dressing, Monty Python’s sketches featured many men who dressed up as women. In the lumberjack sketch, a man describes his long-held desire to be a lumberjack, rather than a barber. His personal lumberjack choir is increasingly bewildered by his description of his lumberjack activities, which include pressing wild flowers, wearing high heels, and eating buttered scones with tea.

His adoring admirer is equally confused, and eventually she’s reduced to tears. But you know and I know that eating buttered scones and wearing high heels and women’s lingerie are all integral parts of being a lumberjack. We’re accepting folks. Heck, we’re more than accepting – we’re right in there eating scones too.

For Monty Python fans everywhere, this pillow from Etsy is much more than an ok pillow. It’s delightful, and very plaid, and totally sittable. Although you might want to frame it instead of putting it on your couch, kind of like those “Keep Calm and Carry On” mantras, but Monty Python style. That way, you can sit on the couch eating your buttered scones and look at the pillow, while watching your favorite Monty Python clips on the telly.

Now, this is an amazing pillow, but what would I really, really like to see on Etsy? I mean, aside from a lumberjack pillow? After perusing the wares available in the stores that sport hand-painted bras, I think that I see an opening for a lumberjack bra. Plaid. With hand-painted letters. Or failing that, some suspenders. Who’s with me?

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Image Credits: [Yellow Bug Boutique] [Johnnyberg]