The Ins And Outs Of Music Distribution

Have you ever considered how the music you’re listening to actually got to be in your home-office, in your car on the way to wherever-you-may-be-going on a saturday morning, or through your smart tv or bluetooth speakers?

Music distribution is one of those behind-the-scenes aspects of the music industry that is responsible for allowing users and listeners to take their music with them. Music distribution, at its most simple, is responsible for putting music in front of listeners. How this happens in today’s day and age is actually quite clever, and makes it very easy for artists to focus on their music.

Understanding the process of music distribution can shed light and provide insight into the power of technology, the influence of social media and the internet, and the ways in which we consume music on a regular basis.

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What Exactly Is Music Distribution

As said above, music distribution is about putting a musician’s tracks or albums in front of listeners. Be that their existing pools of fans or new listeners who they’re hopeful to convert into fans.

While there are many strategies and tactics involved in music distribution, the heart of music distribution in today’s society lies within the world of streaming services. Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are where music-lovers flock to find their classic favorites, new hot tracks, and even to discover new artists they haven’t yet heard of.

All of this is facilitated by music distribution. Music distribution services make it loads easier for the modern artist to make their work available on all of the popular music streaming platforms of the day. However, physical music distribution isn’t completely extinct, either, and still plays an important part in the lives of many consumers.

For instance, vinyl has made somewhat of a comeback in the eyes of consumers based on the music quality available through vinyl recording. As such, some modern artists have begun releasing limited vinyl editions of their newest albums.

Certain music distribution services will offer a physical distribution component to the campaign as well, which is one more thing to look out for when choosing a music distribution service.

Selecting A Music Distribution Service

There are a variety of aspects to consider when an artist is first choosing their music distribution service. This involves the fee-structure, the features included, the various tiers of subscriptions, and prior user experiences. It’s important that a modern day music distribution service caters to a modern day audience. This means being compatible and working with all of the major music streaming services like Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and the myriad of others that populate the marketplace.

While physical distribution services are important to consider as well, it’s vital that an artist focuses a good deal of their efforts on making their music accessible to the modern audience. The majority of whom will be getting their music through a streaming service.

The Importance Of Streaming In The Modern Society

Streaming music didn’t happen overnight, but it is here to stay. There’s no denying that. Today, almost 524 million people worldwide are rocking out to their favorite artists or discovering new favorites through online streaming platforms. This should highlight the importance of streaming music for the modern day artist.

Not only that, but music streaming revenues have multiplied almost 30-fold over the last decade. This, again, highlights how impactful and influential music-streaming has been and continues to be. The future of the music industry is certainly going to be tied to the hand of streaming.

Cultivating A Following

By getting top tracs, new albums, and latest releases in front of more listeners, artists can start to cultivate a following. This is sort of the main goal of music distribution, because if an artist can garner a loyal following they have a better chance at making a consistent revenue from royalties.

In turn, consistent revenue allows an artist to dedicate more and more time and energy to their craft.

Bring Your Music To The Masses With Music Distribution

Music distribution and music distribution services are truly about bringing music to the masses where they’re at. With the internet, streaming platforms, and a continual technological integration into society, modern day artists need to account for the music-streaming audience.

By signing up with a music distribution service, you’ll be able to build a following of loyal fans, make a more consistent revenue from streaming royalties, and truly make your art accessible.

A Few Final Thoughts On Music Distribution

Do your due diligence and a fair amount of research into the music distribution service you choose before making a final decision. This will help make sure that you’re signing up with a music distribution service that will meet your needs, be within your budget, and help you reach and gain more listeners.

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