Interesting Facts About The Angry Birds Magic

Just like there was a special edition of Angry Birds for Halloween and Christmas, there will be a pink foo-foo romantic version released for Valentine’s Day coming soon.  However, if you sat on the couch all night on February 14th feeding your addiction to Angry Birds, wouldn’t that lead to a very unromantic Valentine’s Day? I suppose if you sat next to your sweetie and you both downloaded the game to play, you might be able to turn it into a geeky romantic evening after all. Maybe you could give her a cute cuddly Angry Birds stuffed animal to cuddle with that night.

Angry Birds was downloaded over 50 million times in 2010. Supposedly its magic has to do with the fact that it fits into a new category of gaming called “time fillers” that is getting more and more popular. Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, we like those simple, entertaining games that we can download and play for three minutes or less as a quick time filler during the day while we are waiting for the train, waiting for a client, waiting for a phone call, waiting for a download, etc…

The Angry Birds office currently employees 40 people, and they design new levels to the game all day long. Right now there are over 200 levels. Wow, what a fun job! And, if you are a game developer and you are hoping to create a successful game like Angry Birds, just keep in mind, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. The developers of Angry Birds published 53 other games before this one. It’s quite a lesson in never giving up! You can learn more interesting facts about the making of Angry Birds in this short video. It’s really inspiring!

Angry Birds Magic Explained

Angry Birds Magic Explained

Angry Birds Magic Explained

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