Introducing: Inhalable Chocolate and Coffee

Harvard University is a very special place to me, I have ties there that always bring happy thoughts. My son’s grandfather was a Quarterback at Harvard in the late 1960s, and I still wear that sweatshirt every now and then even though parts of it are a little frayed and torn. So when I heard this story, it made me smile.

According to, “Harvard University professor David Edwards and his lab students collectively figured out how break chocolate into tiny airborne particles and then deliver them through a modified medical inhaler.” This inhaler is called ‘Le Whif.’

Long story short, these inhalers are now being sold in Paris and will soon be for sale in New York City and Cambridge, Massachusetts (where Harvard is located). Next week, on March 11, a coffee flavored Le Whif will be released and yes, it will contain caffeine! Nom nom. What’s the best part? Even though these are real chocolate particles, they contain zero calories! I don’t know how they figured out how to get the calories out during the process of making the chocolate airborne and stuffing it into an inhaler, but hey, I’m all over it.

“You open it up, put it in your mouth, and you breathe in. And you get a nice flavor.
You can close it when you’re done, and then later on you can open it up again and you can Whif again.
There’s about eight or ten puffs per Whif.” – David Edwards, Harvard University professor

Le Whif has been featured in the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Reuters, the Daily Telegraph and been on the CBS Sunday Morning news program. Read more about it on their official website at Thank you @TechZader for bringing my attention to this story. You always fine ubber cool stuff! I can’t wait to … err… get a whif of Le whif.

This short video clip was filmed during a Le Whif tour of the Harvard Dining Halls during the Opening Celebration of The Laboratory at Harvard in the Northwest Building. You can learn more about the lab by visiting