iPaw’d: The iPad Made For Tech Savvy Dogs

Let’s face it; we live in a technology society. Back in the old days, it was just the man of the house who would dabble with technology. Even though that was only about 50 years ago, it seems like ancient times. Now, in a lot of homes, every person in the family is equipped with gadgets and connected to the outside world. This even includes small children.

I remember a few months ago I wrote an article called Most Children Learn Computer Skills Before Life Skills. It pointed to a new study which showed that children learn how to play on a computer before they learn how to tie their shoes. As long as everyone in our lives is connected to technology in some way or another, doesn’t it make sense that we include our dogs? After all, they are part of the family too, right? Lucky for us, Think Geek has us covered with their new Plush iPaw’d For Dogs.

This doggie iPad comes complete with every dogs two favorite websites, Facebark and DogTube. Your pooch will be able to get his daily news on the Bark Street Journal. And, of course, it runs the most recent version of the SaFurri browser. Too bad this fluffy badboy doesn’t actually connect to the Internet. Oh well, I have a feeling your technology savvy pooch will appreciate it anyway. You’ll surely get lotsa licks for this one! You can pick one up over at ThinkGeek for only $13.99.

Think Geek iPad For Dogs

Think Geek iPad For Dogs

Header Image Credit: [Mike2]