Join The Starfleet With Your Own Star Trek Captain’s Chair

There’s one website I try to stay away from anywhere around April Fools Day, and that’s Think Geek. I’ve been called gullible my whole life, and I usually fall for most of the April Fools jokes that people tell me. That’s not a problem unless I’m writing about one on Bit Rebels and I don’t know it. Then, well, it can be a little embarrassing.

That happened last year when I wrote about Apple’s Official Playset which was an awesome little Apple Store that you could play with at home. It had cute little Apple employees, a genius bar… Yeah, people teased me for weeks about that one since it was all a Think Geek April Fools joke.

What I would like to share with you today is also from Think Geek, but I can assure you that this one is a real product. How would you like to see what’s it’s like to be the captain of the Starship Enterprise? You could sit in your place of power as the bridge crew around you hang on your every word and await your next instructions. Sound good? Now you (if you weigh less than 120 pounds) or the pint-sized trekkies in your home can experience this feeling everyday in your very own officially licensed Star Trek inflatable captain’s chair. Explore the universe in style and even hit warp speed with the pretend little buttons on the side. You can pick this up right now on ThinkGeek for only $25.




Via: [Technabob]