Just Can’t Get Enough Of Your Stats

The wonderful and deep world of google analytics is a place many site owner spends a regular amount of time each day over.  Mostly with the inhaling of air through teeth, and sometimes that awesome shock of peaking hits.

Its like a morning coffee, you need to look.  I know I do and on my regular sites I would not class myself as a blogger.  So what do you do when the social or family world calls you away from your respective machine of Internet goodness?

Get it on your phone!

That’s right, as if the anguished sound of thousands of site owners all crying out at once was heard the reply has arrived.  For now though its not for all of us.

You can now get applications for the Android OS phones and the iPhone.

So all you Andriod and iPhone users can be sitting on the beach, drink in hand while being fanned by some exotic beauty and fed grapes, save in the knowledge that at anytime you can check your bounce rate.

For more information: https://analytics.blogspot.com/2009/06/google-analytics-on-your-mobile-phone.html

Next stop – Expedia!