LEGO Animation: Incredible Michael Jackson Street Dance LEGO Style

What could be better to jump start your day than a fantastic LEGO animation? This one is special since it features Michael Jackson doing one of his famous dances. Depending on how old you are, you may not remember Michael Jackson in his prime. When I think about all the retro awesomeness from the ’80s, Michael Jackson is always right there.

When he died, it was one of the first big news stories that broke on Twitter before anywhere else. Those of us who were watching our Twitter streams on June 25, 2009 got the news there first. It was surreal. Annette Jung, who is obviously a Michael Jackson fan, created this minimalist LEGO animation called LEGO Dance. In this short 29 second video, you’ll see Michael doing the street dance from his uncensored ‘Black or White’ music video. This is so well done, and such a thoughtful tribute to Michael Jackson.

There isn’t any information on Vimeo about where Annette got her inspiration to create this, or how she did it exactly. I’m always fascinated by LEGO animations like this because being able to make something unique that is instantly recognizable oozes creativity. I put the original uncensored version of Michael’s street dance below in case you’ve never seen it. What Annette was able to do with this 29 seconds of video is incredible, and definitely worth your time to watch.

There have been several LEGO animations that have gone viral over the past few years. Which one is your favorite? I hope you’ll leave a link here so we can all check it out. Aside from this one, I think my favorite is this Romantic Marriage Proposal In LEGO Stop Motion. That guy spent 22 hours putting that one together, and he paused it at just the right place to propose to his girlfriend. It’s another great one. I think I like the simple elegance and nostalgic feeling in this Michael Jackson LEGO animation better though. It’s so good!

LEGO Animation – Michael Jackson Street Dance

The Original Panther – Michael Jackson Street Dance


Via: [Geekologie]