Lego Cl!ck | A Place for Inspiration

If you love LEGO then you might just want to visit Lego Cl!ck.  LEGO Cl!ck is a new site that was launched for people to share their LEGO photos for inspiration.

When I was a kid I loved playing LEGO.  Lego is a brand of toy that allows one to create objects by putting the LEGO bricks together.  They are plastic colored bricks that have pegs that allow a person no matter his/her age to create almost anything.

A short film was created in order for people to get a glimpse of what is in store for you if you visit the site.

They also allow their visitors to access the iPhone App  HERE.  The application is called LEGO Photo and it allows the user to immortalize moments and things in LEGO form.  The application is also FREE.  This new version allows people to also save the photos on their camera roll.

Now one can create, take photos and upload them in a site that was built for LEGO art.