Why LEGO Minifigures Have Holes In Their Heads & More LEGO Trivia

We write about LEGO minifigs often here on Bit Rebels since they have played such a special part in the lives of many of us. If you have a collection of those little LEGO people, you might like to know some of the facts and history that has helped them stand the test of time since 1978. These LEGO minifigure facts are all fascinating, but the most interesting one of all is the reason why they have holes in the tops of their heads. The answer may surprise you.

As it turns out, the reason LEGO minifigures have holes in their heads is just in case a child swallows one of them, and it gets stuck in his or her throat. Since there is a hole in it, the child would still be able to breathe. I have a whole collection of LEGO minifigures, and it never even occurred to me that there would be a reason like that for the holes. It’s touching, and it makes me happy that LEGO has been so conscientious about children’s safety for all these years.

There are other interesting facts too, like why aren’t there any blonde minifigs in the standard LEGO sets? The reason is because that color wouldn’t look good with the yellow heads. And, there are blonde LEGO minifigures in special sets like Star Wars and Harry Potter.

You can click over to the original article on Gizmodo called Everything You Always Wanted To Know About LEGO to learn more LEGO minifig trivia. I also thought it was interesting to learn that there are 36,000 LEGO bricks molded every single minute of everyday. That’s a lot of LEGO bricks! Now that I know the reason for the holes in their heads, it makes those little guys even more special.

LEGO Minifigures Have Holes For Safety




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