M.C. Escher’s Impossible Worlds Recreated In Lego!

Whatever the word “impossible” means, it’s not exactly the same meaning every time. It’s just a vessel to express the difficulty of the task that lies ahead. Nothing is impossible really. All you need are the right tools to solve the problem. So what are the tools? In this case, it’s the legendary Lego block that will stand as the cracker of the impossible. It’s what will be used to prove that impossible really means to try harder and solve the problem once and for all.

M.C Escher‘s Impossible Worlds are as legendary as they are mind boggling. Anyone who has ever laid eyes on them has discovered that you have to stop thinking in dimensions and start thinking out of the box. If you do that, the thrilling shapes and angles will become clear and ready to be solved.

The funny thing about M.C Escher’s impossible creations is that they are just that… impossible to find an ending to. There is simply no solution or ending to it. That is, until Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu put their teeth into the problem and built them all in Lego. It wasn’t any more difficult than that really. Yeah, right!