Magnetic Water Drops? – Your Fridge Will Sparkle

Interior designers think it’s the biggest sin you can commit, while us deadly people think it’s the most useful things you can have in a home. I am of course talking about putting magnets on your refrigerator. Yeah, sure, sometimes they clutter the whole thing to the point that you almost can’t open the fridge door without half of them coming off and falling to the floor. But isn’t that what it’s about really? I mean, the only way you’ll remember what you put up there anyway is if it falls to the floor and you have to pick it up. That’s when you really look at it.

Well, until now that is. Designer Sangwoo Nam has come up with quite an interesting approach to this problem. Why not use water droplets to mesmerize you every time you’re off to get a snack from the fridge? The droplets, which are not really water after all, sparkle in the lights all around the kitchen, making those important notes you’ve posted pop out.

Now you have even less of a chance to dodge those duties you have gotten from the wifey. You can never again claim you didn’t see the note, or that you must have missed it somehow. How could you? After all, they shine like there’s no tomorrow. So get a pack of them, and shine in their light cause you’ll be appreciated… I am sure.