How To Make An ‘Instagram Selfie Photo’ Halloween Costume (Super Easy)

If you’re like most people I know, you want to wear an original, creative Halloween costume this year, but you don’t have a lot of time to put it together. We all know the best costumes are homemade, but with our busy lives, who can squeeze that into the daily schedule? I found something you might want to consider for your costume. How about dress up as a selfie photo? As silly as it sounds, it might just work.

All you’ll need to turn yourself into a selfie photo is a piece of poster board, some magic markers and a pair of scissors. I originally saw this on WonderHowTo, and I can’t stop smiling about it. It will give you quite a lot of costume for a tiny bit of effort.

All you have to do is cut out the middle for your selfie face, and then color the top and bottom to look like a post on Instagram. It couldn’t be any easier. Just hold up the poster board to your body, and you’ll instantly be a selfie photo. Another great thing about this is that you won’t have to wash a bunch of crazy makeup off your face at the end of the night. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

Apparently the most popular Halloween costumes this year are going to be Miley Cyrus (complete with foam finger and tongue of course), Grumpy Cat and anything from Breaking Bad. We’ll see if those predictions come true. Meanwhile, if you are planning to go to a Halloween party, I bet you’ll be the only one who shows up as a selfie photo. If you end up making one of these, I hope you come back and leave us all an Instagram link to the pic here in the comments so we can see it!

The ‘Instagram Selfie Photo’ Halloween Costume




Via: [WonderHowTo]