May The Fork Be With You: Star Wars Pancake Molds

What a delicious way to start off a Saturday morning prior to a Star Wars film marathon. Available in sets of familiar figures as well as various vehicles from the film franchise, these novelty pancake molds are a must have for any true fan. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to pour on the syrup and dig into a stack of fluffy Darth Vader head pancakes?

Alright, I suppose if you are not a pancake fan, you could try to use them to make interesting omelet shapes, but there’s no guarantee your eggstravagant creations will bear recognizable features.  I am truly sorry for that pun, especially since we all know puns are a path that leads to the dark side.

Ok, so Yoda never really said that, but I am sure if your enjoy too many of these fun pancakes you’ll head down the path of too much calorie consumption. If that isn’t the dark side then I don’t know what is. Since today is national pancake day in the States, you might want to pick these up. You can choose from the Star Wars Heroes & Villains or the Star Wars Vehicles, or heck, get them both, after all, there are no limits to what you can achieve with a little Star Wars in your life.

Star Wars Pancake Vehicles


Via: [Geekologie]