Mean Green Machine: A Freaky Xbox 360 Console Mod

There are game console modders, and then there is Kier. His motto is, “Why keep it standard if you can modify it?” This particular mod looks like the Hulk, and it’s just as intimidating to me. What Kier is able to do with a couple of white Xbox 360s is truly mind-blowing. The clear acrylic panel on the side, which allows us to see what’s happening inside, only adds to the intrigue.

This is an Xbox 360 mod created by using a modified Lian Li PC-XBO1 case with a bunch of extras. If you’re a gamer, you probably know that this case is discontinued, so first, Kier had to find one. He wanted this case because of its large size since he knew he wanted to add an XBOX PRO Dual 40 Watercooling Kit to keep it all running at maximum performance. Everything about this mod is perfect down to the very last detail. Kier even etched the acrylic with a diamond point tip.

He named this whole process Project XBOX Supreme and you can read all about the nitty-gritty details on this forum. He was kind enough to take pictures during each step along the way so you can easily follow what he did exactly. Kier, you are a madman! I love it.

Green Machine Xbox Game Modding

Green Machine Xbox Gamer Modding

Green Machine Xbox Game Modding

Green Machine Xbox Game Mod

Via: [Technabob]