Miniature TRON Arcade Cabinet Inspired By A Pinball Machine

If you are a geek, you probably like the movie TRON. When I think of ’80s classics, TRON always comes to mind. Of course, TRON Legacy in 2010 was a huge hit in its own right, and the teenagers around the world will probably always think of TRON Legacy when they think of TRON, but I will always be a bigger fan of the original. This article is about a very special TRON inspired build that will make your inner geek smile. It’s a miniature TRON arcade cabinet with an amazing little screen.

What I didn’t know until today is that there is a TRON Legacy pinball machine. It’s full of TRON branded things inside that you have to hit to unlock other features, etc. One of the things inside that pinball machine is a tiny TRON arcade game.

Pinball fanatic Jeremy Williams was inspired by that little TRON arcade game inside his Legacy pinball machine, and he decided to create one for himself. The result was this tiny replica TRON arcade cabinet with an authentic screen. What a great project!

He stopped by the office of Jamie and Adam at Tested to talk all about it, and you can see that conversation by watching the video below. One thing Jeremy didn’t like about the tiny arcade game in the pinball machine was that it was basically just a box with a light behind it. He and his programmer friend set out to change that.

They created a TRON arcade game which is very similar to the real TRON arcade game. It has an amazing animated screen that was built with a tiny amount of RAM and memory. Jeremy has the perfect place to store his little beauty too. He put it inside his pinball machine, where it will stay safe and sound.

Miniature TRON Arcade Cabinet


Via: [Tested]