Most Outrageous Food Fight

I’ve been a writer on bitrebels for a month now. This is the first time I’ve posted something that could be considered completely random and a bit shocking.

I think artists fall into two categories: creative people and creative super freaks. Stefan Nadelman definitely falls into the second and most interesting category.

He, along with Tourist Pictures, created a 5 minute movie which “depicts America’s war-mongered history (WWII through present day) told through the most easily recognized native foods of each country,” according to Stefan’s blog.

Click Here to see a beautiful breakdown of foods/countries including flags, or look at this not-as-beautiful list of characters (yes, the characters in this film are food):

1. Germany: Pretzels, Bratwurst
2. Israel: Matzah, Bagels
3. France: Croissants
4. England: Fish and Chips
5. United States: Hamburgers, French Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Fried Chicken Sandwich
6. Japan: Sushi
7. Russia: Beef Stroganoff
8. Middle Eastern Nations: Kebabs
9. North and South Korea: Kimchi
10. China: Dumplings, Egg Rolls
11. Cuba: Cuban Sandwich
12. Vietnam: Spring Roll
13. Lebanon: Falafel

On the Tourist Pictures YouTube page, they answer the most commonly asked questions about this video. These are great:

– The food in this film was consumed either by Stefan or his dog after shooting. None of the cast went to waste.

– The software used was Photoshop and After Effects.

– The film took 3 months to make.

– Although it seems like stop motion, most of it was stop motion created within After Effects, using key frame animation. Stefan basically moved the food around within the program, frame by frame, which is the same as traditional stop motion, only it’s digital.

Have fun trying to figure out each war that is depicted by using the foods/countries key above, or click here to see the list of battles.

I affectionately refer to this video as the “Buffet of Aggression”.