Nerd vs. Geek Epic Rap Battle Finally Sets The Record Straight [Video]

There have been countless debates about what distinguishes a geek from a nerd. I think it’s silly really because true geeks don’t have anything to prove, so I don’t know why they even stoop to the level of a nerd to debate it. Opps…did I just type that? Nerds say geeks are hipster wannabes, and geeks think nerds are, well, nerdy. When I heard about this nerd vs. geek rap battle, I didn’t expect much. After watching it though, I understand why it’s viral.

The most solid comparison of nerds vs. geek that I’ve seen was in a study I wrote about a few months ago. It was based on Twitter research, and you can read all about it at The Difference Between Geeks & Nerds Based On Twitter Research. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

Collections are geeky. Academic fields are nerdy. Science and technology are very different. Both geeks and nerds are brainy, but the word ‘intelligence’ is geeky, and the word ‘intellectual’ is nerdy. Even though books are nerdy, ebooks and ibooks are geeky. Geeky words are more about stuff, while nerdy words are more about ideas.

Based on that assessment, and this rap battle below, I suppose a person could have a geek side and a nerd side. In other words, one person could be both. Now that’s a split personality that might be fun to have!

This viral video called Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek was created by Rhett & Link. If you click over to their YouTube page, you can grab the link to pick this up on iTunes if you’d like. I can only imagine how long it took to piece this rap together and then to shoot such a well done video. Usually videos that are this long don’t go viral quickly, so this one is definitely special. Enjoy!

Nerd vs. Geek: The Epic Rap Battle


Via: [Neatorama]