The Toaster NES Mod: Suddenly Mornings Are Way Better

If you have an NES sitting around your house, it’s probably collecting dust underneath the bed or on the top shelf of your bedroom closet, right? It’s definitely one of those things you can’t get rid of, even though it was replaced long ago with a fancier, flashier console. For those of us who grew up playing video games in the ’80s, the NES will always be close to our hearts, and nothing will ever replace the memories it created. Some people decide to resurrect their old NES by giving it a second hand use, and they create an NES mod with it. When I see those, they always make me smile, and this one is no exception.

A while back, Richard wrote about an NES mod that involved an Etch-A-Sketch controlled by an NES controller. That was nuts, but to this day, my favorite NES mod is the NES Lunchbox Mod. I would have loved to have that back when I was in school. In those days, you could have been crowned the coolest kid in 6th grade if you had one of those.

Today I’d like to share with you the NES Toaster mod. This NES actually makes real toast! It’s fully functional toast that tastes like retro. It was created by deviantART user =MyBurningEyes (aka Mathijs Sterrenburg). He’s made NES mods before, but this one has to be his best yet. Mathijs just turned 21-years-old, which means he was around 6 or 7 when the NES was first released. Did you know the NES was named the single greatest video game console in history in 2009 by IGN? Incorporating the functionality of a toaster into an NES is pure brilliance, and I’d love to have one of these in my own kitchen. I’d never want to sleep late again. I mean, not if I had this to look forward to each morning. I wonder if Mathijs will create another NES mod masterpiece. We’ll have to watch and see!

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Via: [Insanely Gaming]