Night Vision Camera: Take Pictures In Total Darkness

Taking pictures is so much fun. It seems like these days everyone has a digital camera or a smartphone with a camera. Ever since the photo sharing trend started on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people have been capturing more and more of their memories to share with friends and family. If you own an iPhone or an Android phone, you will notice so many applications that you can download for free so you can give your photos new creative twists. You can also add filters that can bring more depth and texture to your photographs. However, what if we want to capture photos in total darkness?

I found a camera that can actually take photos in complete darkness. It’s called the Midnight Shot NV-1 Night Vision Camera. The camera not only takes still photos, but it also allows you to shoot videos in total darkness. Now you have a gadget to experiment with taking infrared photography. The camera sells for $149.99, so its quite an investment. I think it’s totally worth buying if you have been wanting to take photos at night or to have fun spying on your friends. Don’t worry, you can also switch the camera back to standard mode. Here are a few pictures of what the camera looks like, and what shots it is capable of producing. I believe this would be the perfect gift for your photo geek friends.

night vision camera by ThinkGeek

night vision camera in use

night vision camera in use

Image Credit: [Shell114 / Shutterstock]