Now There Is A Better Way To Carry Your Beer!

Do you like wearing hoodies? I do, I have one in 3 colors. They keep me warm, yet they aren’t so thick that you get hot when wearing one. We do not have cold weather in the Philippines, but they still come in handy when you are cooped up in an air conditioned office the whole day, or when it is drizzling outside and you are too lazy to bring an umbrella.

I found a very cool type of hoodie that not only keeps you warm, but it also allows you to carry beer. Finally! You can carry around a beer while leaving your hands free to high five a complete stranger in the stands, carry more beer, or talk on your cellphone. The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt is perfect for sporting events, picnics, and really boring offices.

It features a 30 square inch pouch with an elastic band and an insulating liner to keep your beer ice cold. The pouch can stretch to accommodate soda cans, bottled water, and even cans of soup and whipped cream. You can check out the hoodie on the Vat 19 site.