Indie PC Game Kentucky Route Zero Continues to Amaze

The second act of Kentucky Route Zero, an episodic PC and Mac indie adventure game that I first reviewed on Bit Rebels 3 months ago in Kentucky Route Zero: A Magical Realist Adventure Game, is now available.  I am happy to report that Act II was well worth the wait! Act II continues the protagonist Conrad’s journey as he drives the contents of his antiques delivery truck to the seemingly non-existent address of 5 Dogwood Drive.

Act II is a bit shorter than Act I if you run through it without exploring any of the optional areas or dialogue. The new chapter takes all of the things I enjoyed from Act I and adds even more inventive visual, gameplay and storytelling elements. The developers, Jake Elliott and Tamas Kemenczy, made a conscious effort to improve on everything that was put into Act I.

Assuming you talked to the right characters in Act 1 and kept your save file, you will be able to continue conversation topics with them in Act 2! Fans on the Cardboard Computer Facebook page have notified the developers of a couple of bugs, including one that prevented further progress in the game, but those have been patched.

Kentucky Route Zero’s script, sound design and soundtrack coalesce to make it one of the most surreal and evocative games you’ll ever play. Experience this game with your headphones, or plug in a pair of speakers into your computer to get the full effect. The game launched with a lot of initial hype, but like most games released in separate episodes, the first episode receives more attention than the subsequent chapters. I would hate for that to happen to Kentucky Route Zero, so make sure you check it out!

There are a total of 5 acts planned. The game can be purchased on Steam or through the Kentucky Route Zero website. I highly suggest you watch some of the video below and try the game!

The Second Act Of Kentucky Route Zero Is Now Available

kentucky route zero screen