Complex Periodic Table Of Elements From Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI

There have been a lot of Star Wars periodic tables and infographics created over the years, but this one is the geekiest and most complex one I’ve seen yet. I can only imagine how long it took to put this whole thing together. It’s based on the three best Star Wars movies ever (of course that would be Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI). The original Star Wars trilogy is where it all started, and you’ve probably never seen those Star Wars characters presented in this way before.

This incredible chart was created by Matthew Gallagher of Etckt. According to his website, it wasn’t an easy process. After deciding which Star Wars episodes to focus on, Matthew and his team had to figure out what type of information to include on each element in this periodic table. They decided on the cast order, episode number and the actor’s initials.

They later added some lettering from Arabesh. Matthew wrote, “After much research, we were able to find one of the alphabets used in the films, Arabesh, and decided to use that for some of the ancillary data on the tile.”

The color scheme of each element was another big aspect to consider. They ultimately decided to use colors based on Luke and Vader’s lightsabers. They started with green and red and worked through a color scheme to create a vintage vibe for the overall piece.

There are a lot more characters in these three Star Wars episodes than just the ones listed here. They decided to use the main characters, and then they agreed upon the secondary characters to use. I hope you click over to their website to read more about this incredible undertaking. I left the image below huge so you can see the detail when you click on it. If you would like to order some goodies with this chart on it (t-shirt, pillow, tote bag, skins, cases, cards, etc.), you can click over to Society6.

Periodic Table Of Elements From Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI

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