Project Space Planes: Geeky Paper Airplanes Fall From Space

What a brilliant promotion sponsored by Samsung. 100 geeky paper airplanes were recently dropped to the earth from space. They were geeky because each folded airplane contained a Samsung SD Memory Card with a random message from a random person on it.

What was the purpose of the Project Space Planes promotion? Well, of course to create a buzz, but also to prove how strong these memory cards truly are. The video below shows the launch, and it looks like it was so much fun! They are continuing to update the Project Space Planes website with more footage. If you happen to find one of these airplanes, be sure to let them know!

So far, planes have been found in Australia, Russia, India and Germany. People have reported seeing these planes flying in the air over Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Canada and South Africa. Some of these reported sightings are still being confirmed. The original launch took place above Wolfsburg, Germany on Monday, January 17th. This is like a modern day message-in-a-bottle only way better!

Paper Airplanes Fall From Space

Paper Airplanes Fall From Space

Paper Airplanes Fall From Sky

Via: [Make]