Arcade Games: 50 Retro Video Game Classics In One Illustration

The classic arcade games from the ’80s continue to be the retro glue that binds many geeks together even today. For those of us who grew up during that time, we will never forget the thrill of spending our Saturdays at the arcade. It was a magical time back then, and I will never forget all those memories. If you want a flashback, you can see some pretty rad pics that will spawn your own memories at Video Arcade Games In The ’80s.

Even now, I have a full size Arkanoid game from the ’80s right next to my desk. It’s old and beat up, and comes straight from an arcade, but it still works flawlessly. Here is a picture of my Arkanoid so you can see it. I don’t know how to clean it, but it works regardless of that. And, yes, I’m wearing a Millennium Falcon t-shirt and my iPhone has an R2-D2 cover on it at the moment, in case you can see that in the reflection. If you love ’80s arcade games like we do here at Bit Rebels, you will really like this illustration created by deviantART user Judan. According to deviantART, it’s a “mixture of 50 video games from the ’80s. They range from PC-Engine, to Commodores, Ataris to Master System and Arcades to Acorn BBC Micro computers. Try and guess all the games.”

If you can really guess all these, you definitely get the gold star of the day. I got 23 of them, so I’m obviously a little rusty. As far as I can tell, Judan didn’t publish a list of the 50 arcade games, but that doesn’t mean we won’t find out what they are. Many times when an artist publishes something like this, someone else will come along and publish the answers (like in this Where’s Waldo mashup). So, we’ll wait a week or two to see if something like that surfaces. In the meantime, how many can you guess? – You can play all of these games today on your device from their ROM version.

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Via: [Insanely Gaming]