Retro Brilliance: 1966 Batman Intro Recreated In Lego

Earlier today Richard wrote about the Top Notch Lego Builds Of 1989. Just like everything else back then; the Lego blocks were much simpler than today. They were pretty incredible though, in a retro kind of way. It’s a perfect example of how simplicity rules. To continue along that theme, I found something else that I think you are really going to like!

There are two videos below. One is the original intro to the 1966 Batman television series. The second one is the fan-created intro to the same show, but recreated in Lego. If you start them at the same time, you’ll have the ultimate retro Lego experience sprinkled with some geekdom.

The video, created by lgfb1film, is very well done, and it’s such a great testament once again to what can result from a little creativity combined with Lego. This original Batman television series was long before my time, but watching this makes me wish I could see an episode today. That was back in the days when it was cool for men to wear tights. If you want to see what the classic Superhero costumes looked like, click over to 4 Original Superhero Costumes: Classic Creative Brilliance.

Old Commercial Designed In Lego

Via: [Geek Tyrant]