According To Science…Bugs Have Personalities Too

After learning about this today, I may never squash a bug again. I’m not a big bug squasher, but when it comes to roaches and mosquitoes, I’m the first to end their lives. If you would prefer to give them a pretty neat way to end their own lives, you might want to read about the Gauntlet Of Doom. It’s definitely the most creative way to get rid of bugs. Now that I’ve learned that bugs have personalities, suddenly I want to be nicer to them. It almost makes them seem like something out of a Disney movie.

According to an article published on Discovery News about a study on the Proceedings Of The Royal Society B., author Eniko Gyuris explained that even bugs have personalities. Although at first that might seem crazy, when you start to think about it, it makes sense. Some of them are bold and risky, and some of them hide and play it safe. Some of them are annoying, and some of them seem more laid back. The tests they ran on the bugs to come to the conclusion that bugs have personalities are fascinating and kind of funny. You can read more about the specifics by clicking over to Discovery News.

The researchers believe that genes, gender, life experiences, environmental conditions and other factors all play a role in what personality each bug has. Most of the bugs in this study were firebugs, although researchers believe their findings cross over to other types of bugs as well. Previous studies have been done on crickets, which have shown the same results. So, did you know that bugs have personalities or do you think that is just a way to dress up these findings? I guess it depends on your perspective. In the bug world, female bugs are most attracted to bold males. I wonder if that translates over to the human world too. Hmm…

According To Science – Bugs Have Personalities Too

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Via: [Discovery News] Image Credits: [Tiny Little Life]