The Shield Of Superman: The Evolution Of An Icon [Infographic]

The design of things around us changes constantly. We get so used to seeing it that we sometimes don’t even notice. When it comes to the logos and emblems we love, the best design changes are always subtle improvements. That way, it keeps the logo or emblem fresh without alienating people who identify with it. This chart below shows the 75 year evolution of Superman’s S chest emblem. It’s the evolution of an icon who we are all familiar with.

You can always tell when a website redesign has gone a little too extreme when you go to your favorite website, and it looks completely different. There’s nothing wrong with changing the look of course, but when you have to look at the URL in your browser to be sure you typed in the right address because it looks so different, it can be frustrating for the user.

One example of a logo evolution that is very interesting to see in its progression is the Warner Bros. logo. It shows another evolution of an icon we all know. When you look at the differences between the first one and the last one, it seems extreme. But all the steps they took in the middle led us right into the transition smoothly. You can see it by clicking over to Evolution Of The Warner Bros. Logo In Harry Potter.

This infographic below called The Shield Of Superman: The Evolution Of An Icon (by shows another smooth transition of change. They all look so similar, yet so very different. The 1997 version is probably the most different with the complete color deviation. It’s interesting that the 1938 version only appeared once, on the cover of Action Comics #1. I like the 1944 version and the most recent version the best. Who would ever think so much thought and consideration would go into a simple S on a superhero’s chest emblem?

The Evolution Of An Icon

The History Of Superman’s S Chest Emblem


Via: [Geekologie]