Social Jeans: Blue Jeans With Twitter & Facebook Built Right In

How addicted are you to social media? I mean, for real. Do you think it’s enough to have Twitter and Facebook on your smartphone or would you like it built into your blue jeans also? It may seem like a silly question, but as of next month, it will be something a lot of people may be asking themselves. There are a few things that I will always remember as being popular to do this year, and one of those things involves innovators and creative designers embedding technology into almost everything we own. Have you noticed that? We’ve written about toilets that tweet, toasters that display the weather forecast, and today, it’s social jeans that leave updates on Twitter and Facebook.

I have to stop here to say that I don’t think these social jeans, no matter how cool they are, will become popular unless they make a girl’s butt look good. So, I hope the designers took that into account when they were busy stuffing all that technology into the fifth pocket. The creators of these high tech blue jeans come from a company called REPLAY. These jeans are part of their social denim collection. They were designed to allow the people who wear them to be able to share their emotions or location instantly with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

They created a fifth pocket in these social jeans which has a Bluetooth transmitter. Combine that with your smartphone and eight preselected mood choices, and you’re good to go. You just simply reach down and press a button to display how you’re feeling. I guess this is helpful because opening the Twitter app on our phones and actually typing a tweet would take way too much time. We live in an instant gratification society, and this will make the process about one minute faster. Reeeally? Go figure. You can read more about this on Amusement. They will be available starting next month.

Social Jeans Send Emotions & Location To Twitter & Facebook



Via: [Incredible Things]