Star Wars Family Tree: Intergalactic Who’s Who In The Universe [Chart]

It’s a rainy, cold, lazy Saturday morning as I’m writing this, and if you are like me, sitting in front of your computer waiting to be entertained by something, I have a few ideas for you. If you are a cat person, you can learn the Kitty Lingo and jump into Caturday today on Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. If your taste is more geek and less meow, you might prefer to meander over this Star Wars family tree. It’s like a Who’s Who of the Star Wars galaxy.

The first chart below, which is viral at the moment, is a very basic Star Wars family tree created by Chart Geek. It takes into account some of the Star Wars family facts from the Star Wars Expanded Universe (those who came after Return of the Jedi), which may or may not come in handy when the new Star Wars movie is released.

I don’t know why, but after seeing that chart, I was itching for more. I wanted something more detailed, more graphic and more like what I would think a Star Wars family tree should look like. I went on a search, and I found it in Oky – Space Ranger‘s Flickr photostream. As this more detailed chart explains, “Six films, a Jedi Council, a set of twins and a secret Sith lord – Who’s related to whom and how? You need a Jedi mind trick – or this guide – to understand it.”

If you are hungry for even more Star Wars family tree goodness, I found a humongous chart which covers only the Skywalker family tree. It’s of course also based on the Star Wars Expanded Universe. You can check that one out by clicking over to Star Wars Atlas. Enjoy!

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