Star Wars Goes To The Olympics – LEGO Inspiration

The Olympics is one of the most anticipated sporting events. This is no surprise considering the number of athletes that compete in different sports and the number of supporters that love to cheer on their country!  I may not be an athlete but I love to watch the athletes go head to head to win the coveted prize, the gold medal.

Aside from the Olympics, another favorite of mine is Star Wars and LEGO! I grew up with LEGO and Star Wars.  I had a very active imagination growing up so spending time playing and creating with the LEGO bricks allowed me so much fun time. Too bad when I was younger, the Star Wars pieces were not available yet. Lucky for the guy who painstakingly took the time to create and take the wonderful photographs that I have put together here. Alan Chia is quite a photographer and one of his collections is the Star Wars in the Beijing 2008 Olympics. You can see more of his work at

I love the detail and the artful way that these photos were taken. It’s very creative! What do you think?

Main Image Source – Delegation of LEGO

Image Source – Athletics – 4x100m relay

Image Source – Judo

Image Source – Gymnastics Artistic

Image Source – Weightlifting

Image Source – Fencing