Star Wars Written In Shakespeare Style Complete With Iambic Pentameter

There are hundreds if not thousands of well-done Star Wars mashups to be found online, but this is the first time I’ve seen a Star Wars and Shakespeare mashup. The best part is that instead of being a traditional piece of artwork, it’s art in the form of words. It’s 176 pages written in glorious iambic pentameter along with illustrations (that have a steampunk flavor to them), which come together to form the Shakespeare version of ‘A New Hope.’

Iambic pentameter is the poetic form that William Shakespeare favored. The focus is on the syllables (instead of the rhyming). A pair of syllables is known as an iambus, and when you have 5 pairs of syllables or ten syllables, you’ve got yourself an iambic pentameter. When you read Shakespeare in a rhythmic way by following the natural flow of these syllables, you can detect what words he wanted to stress and highlight.

As much as I love Star Wars, I don’t know how many pages of this I would be able to get through before getting bored, but that doesn’t make it any less geeky and fabulous. Just the way it’s put together is artsy and creative, and it would be a very unique Star Wars piece for your expanding collection.

If you are a Shakespeare fan, you’ll surely enjoy this version of ‘A New Hope.’ It’s officially licensed, and it comes with twenty beautiful Elizabethan illustrations. You can download the first 16 pages for free on this PDF, or you can buy the entire book here on Firebox for $18.29. Iambic pentameter seems so formal, and if you click over to the PDF and read a little of this, it will definitely put a Shakespearean smile on your face.

‘A New Hope’ Written In Iambic Pentameter

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Via: [Geekologie]