Stay Awake With These Caffeinated Treats

Whenever we stay up late due to our work load, we often turn into caffeine junkies, resorting to drinking coffee or tea. According to Wikipedia Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant drug. Caffeine was discovered by a German chemist, Friedrich Ferdinand Runge, in 1819. He coined the term kaffein, a chemical compound in coffee (the German word for which is Kaffee), which in English became caffeine (and changed to Koffein in German). Okay, enough with the lesson, what if you are not one who likes coffee or tea? Fret no more, there are two new treats that are available that contain caffeine.

First are the Caffeinated Fruity Lollipops. Each delicious fruity pop is loaded with 70mg of caffeine, that’s about as much as an energy drink! The caffeine of these suckers won’t have to waste time in your stomach – it will be absorbed right through your mouth (which means you will get the kick of caffeine in your blood faster). Likewise, it will be a steady slow release, which will keep you going for longer than a quick shot. These are available at for $9.99.

Next are the Caffeinated Nixie Tubes. They are to die for. They are sweet, they are sour, and each tube is loaded with 100mg of caffeine (more than most energy drinks)! Each pack has five mouth-watering flavors. Here’s how we recommend taking them (for maximum potency): Get a buncha spit in your mouth and pour the whole tube (or as much as you can) under your tongue. Then let it dissolve a bit; swish it around in your mouth; savor the flavor, feel the buzz; and then swallow. If you “shoot up” like that, the caffeine in the Caffeinated Nixie Tubes will get into your blood faster. These are available at $8.99.

Main Image Source – Black and Strong

Caffeinated Fruity Lollipop

Caffeinated Nixie Tubes