Super Mario & Game Of Thrones Creative Mashup Illustration

Did you ever think you’d see a Super Mario and GOT mashup? I didn’t. We know how much you love GOT, and we are doing everything we can to keep you entertained until the next season starts in 7 months, 20 days and 9 hours. I don’t remember a show on HBO being this popular since Sex and the City, and to this day, there is nothing better than getting all snugly under a blanket on a Sunday afternoon and watching a marathon of those old episodes. I wonder if someday we’ll all do that with Game of Thrones too.

We’ve featured so many Super Mario mashups, and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Everyone’s favorite plumber has been mashed up with the X-Men, Ghostbusters, and even Portal. I suppose when you think about all the creative combinations, Game of Thrones fits well into the mix. As we always say, as long as it works, the stranger the mashup the better.

This is the Game of Mushroom Kingdoms, or as one clever commenter on Reddit put it, the Continent of NESteros. That’s right, this one illustration is Westeros redesigned in the Super Mario world, or maybe it’s the Super Mario world redesigned in Westeros. It’s brain twisting I know, and that’s even before you’ve clicked on the illustration below to see what it really looks like with all its detail. My favorite part about this concept is the underlying mashup of old and new. Those types of mashups are always the best to me because they take two very different worlds and combine them into one. It’s the ultimate of worlds colliding, and this is a great example. This lovely illustration full of little jokes that only die hard GOT fans will understand was cleverly created by Reddit user titan413. If you’d like to see more…check out this Minecraft Replica Of Westeros that will blow your mind.

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Via: [Popped Culture]